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yoga pose
Vinyasa Flow

Continuous movement that leads you through a series of asanas (poses) to promote physical stamina and controlled breathing.

Legs Workout
Yoga Fit

An invigorating blend of resistance and surrender that uses light weights in conjunction with vinyasa flows to build strength and stamina.

Online Yoga
Slow Flow

Slow and intentional movements that focus on balance and building flexibility. Great for the beginner.

SUP Yoga

Gentle yoga practice on a standup paddleboard while floating on a body of water.

Child's Pose
Vin to Yin

Class progresses from continuous movement asanas that build heat to passive yin poses that are held to induce a deeper stretch.

Glass of Red Wine
Wine & Yoga

Relaxing vinyasa flow followed with a glass of locally crafted wine.

Strong Woman
Heated Release

Vin to Yin flow taught in a heated environment (80-85 degrees) that allows the body to melt into deep stretches, releasing toxins through pranayama (breathing) and sweat.

Children Meditating
Children's Yoga

For children 6-10 years old. Class focuses on

self control, relaxation, balance and flexibility.

Laughing Yoga
Gentle Yoga

Simple slow movements that focus on breathing, alignment and stretching. Ideal for those that want gentle movements without breaking a sweat.

Chair Yoga Image.PNG
Chair Yoga

Gentle yoga that uses a chair to support stability and balance, while helping to improving blood flow. Great for those with limited physical capabilities.

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